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How to Choose Window Treatments Using Vinyl Faux Leather

When choosing vinyl faux leather for window treatments, there are several pivotal factors to ponder. Here are some tips sprinkled with a dash of expertise to help you navigate through the maze and make just the right choice for your Indy home:

Type of Faux Leather: Dive into the world of faux leather, and you’ll find there are primarily two types: vinyl-based and polyurethane-based. Vinyl-based faux leather stands out with its durability and incredible flexibility. On the other hand, polyurethane-based faux leather is the extrovert of the duo, embracing natural fabrics like cotton or wool with a polymer-based substance, and then getting a glamorous makeover to mimic real leather. This faux leather variety knows how to breathe, making it the go-to for a more sustainable and eco-friendly choice.

Appearance: Faux leather, in all its glory, can be transformed with any pattern or color, opening doors to a plethora of window design possibilities and appealing to a wide audience. Polyurethane faux leathers have mastered the art of imitation, presenting a look and feel eerily similar to real leather. They even wrinkle just like the real deal when sewn or tufted. And then there’s vinyl – you’ll find they flaunt a grain that’s a spitting image of real leather. Talk about versatility for every room in your house!

Durability: If you’re in the market for a material that plays well with kids and pets, faux leather is your knight in shining armor. It’s robust and can take on UV rays without batting an eye, making it a stellar choice for interior design projects, executive offices, boat upholstery, and outdoor furniture that wants to live a long and prosperous life.

Ease of Maintenance: Keep it cool and calm with a mild, non-abrasive soap and water, and your vinyl window coverings will thank you. Faux leather is low-maintenance, making it a beloved choice for window treatments. With a simple wipe-down, vinyl stands tall against spills and laughs in the face of dry rot.

Cost: When it comes to your wallet, faux leather vinyl fabric is a breath of fresh air, often being up to 75% more budget-friendly than the genuine article.

When you’re ready to pick your vinyl faux leather champion for window treatments, arm yourself with knowledge about its types, appearance, durability, maintenance, and cost. Make a choice that resonates with both your aesthetic and practical needs, and watch as your space transforms.

The most popular color choices for Vinyl Faux Leather window coverings

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