The battle over shutters or blinds is the longest you could remember. Blinds are versatile as they are in horizontal or vertical layout. Blinds can be easily used for larger  windows . But on the other hand shutters make it look more royal at the same time. It is really interesting why people still prefer them over the new range Window treatments. Let’s find out why they stand out so much.

With the longest traditional history they have been preferred as part  of traditional homes and help us maintain the older aesthetics of any house. The Vintage vibe is believed to be achieved with these real wood shutters.

Another reason for the preference is their ability to adjust to any size and width of your windows. Just select the color or pattern you would love to see on your windows. Take the size and you are good to go .Faux wood shutters are really easy to clean and maintain . With Shutters you don’t need to invest in curtains as they help you save a lot of money. Similarly Blinds can be easily installed and save a lot of time and money on maintenance

Shutters not only give you privacy but also the extra space as they fit well in the windows and Hence they end up occupying less space then then curtains or fabric treatments. Blinds can be easily handled by kids as well in their rooms. They are lightest in weight to shut and open any time.

Along with your furniture and the doors you can select the shutters or blinds from the widest choices available on our website and our team will help you design your space easily. Well the choice is yours as per your preference and we would love to hear from you. What you think is better?

We have our stores available in many States now. Contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you in this.