The color of the decorative and furnishing items that you use has a significant impact on the aesthetics of your home. Every time you step into your room, the first thing you notice is color. The choice of colors can make or break the look of the house. 

Before choosing colors for your draperies or curtains, you need to understand a few significant elements. If the walls, carpet, or other objects have vivid colors, it is best to choose curtains that will have a neutral tone or if the room and other stuff have a neutral color, it is best to choose curtains that will have vivid color.

Let’s proceed to the list of colors along with their characteristics.

  1. Red color stimulates the appetite, energy, and sexual needs. It can also be used for both the kitchen or dining room and bedrooms. It makes the sexual interaction more fun and explosive. It also makes one sexually active to one’s partner. It may also make one express too many emotions.
  2. Orange color evokes a sense of comfort and energy. It’s ideal for the kitchen compartment and drawing room, where you spend time with your family.
  3. Yellow gives a sense of friendship. Install yellow draperies on the windows of your living room to make guests or visitors feel more relaxed and comfortable.
  4. Green curtains are perfect for the bedroom because the color relaxes and unwinds the body and disposes of good sleep. It also makes the room seems more spacious and relaxing.
  5. Blue is a peaceful color that helps to fight insomnia and anxiety. It is the most favorite color around the world because of its cool and soothing nature. It is the color that stimulates creativity so it is often used in any space where people are encouraged to think and be creative and otherwise innovative. They can be used both in the workspace of the house and in the bedroom.
  6. Purple has a calming effect. It makes any room feel rich and sophisticated particularly with the right use of material like paint, wallpaper, and other materials. It also makes the room or space livelier.
  7. Pink and purple promote tenderness and love feelings. It is warm and helps to stimulate sexual intimacy and closeness. It is suitable for the bedroom mainly the ladies’ room.
  8. Brown is a color used for creating rich, cozy, and enclosed experiences. It gives a special feeling because it reminds us of nature and earth; the ground, the soil, the trees, and more. It stabilizes our minds and mood.

Hope the above color descriptions will help you pick the right draperies for your home. Comment your thoughts and experience.