Honeycomb shades, also known as cellular shades, are made by either rolling up or folding up a single fabric along its crisp pleats repeatedly at a regular interval or distance many a time. It can be a single, double or triple layer design structure. The structure leads to gaps that serve as air chamber to provide insulation. The multi-layer structure design resembles like a honeycomb, which earned it the name. The replication of the structure in shades has become so popular that honeycomb window shade has become a distinct category in the interior designing and furnishing space. If you are planning to buy window shades in Carmel, honeycomb window shades in Greenwood or in Brownsburg, this is the right time to learn what honeycomb window shades are and why they are a preferred window blinds and shades in Indianapolis. Honeycomb shades and blinds are a very popular window fabric treatments in Plainfield, Brownsburg and other parts of Indianapolis.

Uses of Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb window shades are produced from a single piece of fabric by either rolling up or pleating in the cloth. The rolled-up pleats are then glued together to create the appearance of honeycomb shells. These shades can be customized into single, double, and triple-layered window treatments depending upon the city’s weather condition. They are mainly used to provide insulation to the interiors. The created pockets trap air between the shells offering an effective temperature control option. At Veteran Blinds, Honeycomb shades and blinds can be customized into different colors, sizes, and light controls. Since they are quite flexible in nature, unlike wood or faux window blinds, honeycomb blinds make a great choice for windows with unique shapes and sizes. Additionally, they are one of the light-weight window treatments available in the market, making it easy for installation.

Why Should You Invest in Honeycomb Shades and Blinds in Indianapolis

Honeycomb shades are a popular window shades option because they have few special qualities and purposes, including the following benefits:

  • They have a distinctive look and appearance, making them a perfect option for modern interior decoration.
  • The layers can significantly lock air, which makes the shades both thermal insulators and soundproof.
  • They have better privacy and light control than other window treatments.
  • They can effectively block summer heat and make the air cool, and prevent winter breeze from entering and make the interiors comforting.
  • They are energy efficient in comparison to other insulators.
  • The fabric is quite slim surprisingly, even though they manage to do a complex task of trapping air.
  • However, because of the pleats and folding, they give better privacy, even when lights are on than other slim-fit window shades

You can customize your honeycomb window shades and blinds for Avon home today at Veteran Blinds.