Comfort, privacy, and aesthetics – ask anyone to name a place where all exist together. Their plain answer would be – home. Making such a home is a dream aspiration for many. Shape your dream with fantastic window blinds made out of faux or real wood.

Top Trending Faux or Real Wood Window Blinds

1. Real-Wood Window Blinds with Design Patterns

woven wood shades

Decency finds its way to your home with this natural wood window blind.  A chequered design pattern crafted on this vertical blind will make heads turn. In the daylight hours, it strikes a perfect balance between light and shade. Further, scroll it down or up with the help of the pulley attached to match your brightness needs.

2. Woodlore Or Faux Wood Shutter

norman woodlore shutters


Simplicity can be a significant differentiator. This woodlore or faux wood shutter featuring equidistant horizontal strips with a divider augments the elegance of any home. The movable strips allow you to adjust the brightness and shade easily. Made out of patented polypropylene coating – similar to the surface material in appliances and helmets, this vertical window blind is a durable solution. It also makes window shutter cleaning easy.


3. Faux Wood Vertical Blinds

Make your floor to roof full-width window truly envying with this faux wood window blinds featuring vertical stripes. The distance between the strips is adjustable. Control the amount of light easily. Apply complementary hardware to fix it to your wall. Choose the right color for the stripes that matches or contrasts with the color of the walls of your room.

4. Norman Soluna Window Blind

Create a perfect cozy ambiance with this adjustable Norman Soluna Window Blind featuring a plain sheet that covers the window entirely. Choose the color you want matching with the kind of home interior you have. It’s easy to adjust the height of your window blinds by using the fulcrum mechanism provided at both ends of the rod supporting the blind.

5. Comfortex Roman Window Blind

comfortex roman shades red
Red really makes a statement, especially in home decor and design.
Professionalism oozes out from this Comfortex roman window blind featuring horizontal strips with adjustable tilting to help you manage the level of privacy and brightness easily. Tell your preference regarding the color of the pieces to your vendor that best matches your interior.