Like occupational health and safety, workplace aesthetics too contributes to the health and emotional well-being of your people, and drives workforce efficiency. Today, we will discuss what are the best affordable window treatment solution that can enhance the beauty of your workplace and make a difference to the employee’s experience. You will find our below list of window shades for modern workplaces useful.

#1. Roman Wood-Woven Shades

If you plan to get the best retro look, wood-woven roman shades could be a great option to turn heads. There would be lesser design choices, but it transforms your workplace and makes it look unique. The use of natural wood in making shades is a perennial practice. Wood is the best natural thermal insulator that helps you reduce your electric bills in winter as well as summer. It retains the internal heat of the room in winter and checks the external heatwave in summer.

#2. Roman Cellular Shades

Cellular shades come in single and double layers. Pick a roman shade with pleats. You may find multiple fabric options. Mind the color of your walls. The shades fold up along crisp pleats. Customize the pleat sizes, colors, and light control options from sheer to blackout depending upon the privacy level across different spaces of your workplace.

#3. Horizontal Sheer Shades

Horizontal sheer shades comprise horizontal pleats placed parallel to each other. Control air circulation and light using any motor or manual controller. The pleats are usually of faux woods (PVC material). You have the option to customize the window shade – preferred color and width. You can wipe the dust or dirt particles accumulated on the pleats to get a brand-new look.

#4. Roller Sheer Shades


Roller shades are a new-age window treatment choice. The shades are usually comprising of a solid piece of fabric that rolls down and up. Adjust the length using a motor or thread. It allows you to control privacy and light. Choose the fabric color or pattern that best reflects your brand’s value. For different spaces, you have a different color combination too.

#5. Vertical Shades

Simplicity has its charm. Vertical blinds are evergreen. The use of plain pleats hanging from horizontal rode adds a distinct look to your ambiance. The choice of pleat width and texture is endless, but make sure you don’t miss to take note of the inside wall and ceiling color. Light and off-white textures are more popular than deep or dark colors.