As a type of window treatment option, a lot has been said about the similarities between window blinds and roman shades. These two similar window treatments look alike in terms of appearance and function. However, there are certain subtle differences from various perspectives. Many people prefer roman shades over window blinds.

Roman Shades versus Window Blinds

Window blinds have vanes or slats that are forced down by a string to completely cover the window and offer privacy and shut off any external lights from coming in. Blinds are a type of hard window treatment. On the other hand, Roman shades are a type of soft window treatment that is usually made from a warm fabric that fits snugly inside the window to help cover up the window. Fixed from the top, the shades can be made by pulling on a rope to fold down and cover the entire window. It can also be used as a means to ensure privacy as well as blocking sunlight from outside.

Less formal

Instead of the more formal function and look of the window blind, the roman shades offer a less formal and more subtle manner of shielding the room from external interferences (prying eyes, noise, sunlight, unwanted views, and so on).The Roman shades involve a non-conventional way of ensuring indoor privacy and it acts as a form of window covering. This means that it is such a good preference over curtains by many homeowners.

Less costly

Compared to hard window treatments, Roman shades as a type of window treatment does not cost much compared to window blinds. Made from a soft and warm fabric, Roman shades are usually sold at a less costly and more affordable price than window blinds. Regardless of the quality of the fabric used in the roman shade, they are generally cheaper than window blinds.

A smoother window

Unlike window blinds which offer vanes or slats that are pulled down by a cord, the Roman shades have neither vanes nor slats. They are made up of fabrics with pleats at regular interval. A smooth window covering like the roman shades offer a smooth and continuous way to cover your window. This enhances the aesthetics and visual comfortability of the house.

A warm feel

Rather than the steely and cold vanes of the blinds, Roman shades are ergonomically made from a warm fabric. They are known as soft window finishing because of their ability to inspire a flowing and warm effect with the building occupants.

Various levels of light opacity

While window blinds allow you to adjust the filter level of the light getting into your building, the Roman shades operate in a more efficient way. The Roman shade as a modern-day window treatment offers various light opacity based on the preferences of the occupants in the building. This means that instead of the blinds, the Roman shades act as a useful window treatment that can be used to regulate your room light admissibility based on the intensity of the sunshine for any specific day.

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Customers can ensure optimal privacy and light management by selecting Roman Shades that best suit their needs, whether it’s for privacy, light control, or a combination of both.

The different Roman Shade styles are designed to offer varying levels of light filtration and privacy, allowing customers to select shades that best suit their needs.

Choose from different Roman Shade styles such as Flat, Relaxed, Classic, Reverse Classic, or Soft styles.

Yes, blackout lining is available for additional light control with Roman Shades.

Yes, Roman Shade can be ordered with a privacy lining.