Blinds. Faux and Real Wood.

Understanding a popular window treatment

Faux and Real Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are our most popular window covering. They offer varying light control, privacy, and value.



Whether you are looking for real wood blinds or faux wood blinds, Veteran Blinds and Draperies has got you covered. We are the leading door or window coverings provider in Indianapolis, Noblesville, Fishers, Carmel, Zionsville, Brownsburg, Plainfield, Avon, and Greenwood.

We create custom window blinds and vertical blinds for doors. Blinds offer many options including the smart privacy feature. Our experienced professionals take into account your interest and the kind of ambiance and privacy you want to have and aesthetically design the blinds for you.

Characteristics of faux wood blinds

Faux wood blinds, as the name suggests, are made up of man made materials that look like wood. We provide blinds with high-quality premium materials that look and feel great to the touch. They work for any room. The blind slats measuring 2 or 2.5-inches in width and are joined together with strong nylon ladders. Slats can be tilted partially for light control or closed totally for privacy. Easy to clean, our blinds are available with cord or cordless options. Choose from a variety of color options. The raw materials used in the faux wood shades can withstand the heat of 128 °F. Their water-resistant quality makes them a perfect choice for your bathroom and other similar humid spaces.

When You Want Real Wood Blinds for Your Home

Our real wood blinds are top quality. Created in a variety of different designs, in either horizontal or vertical format, wooden for windows add a high-end, polished feel to the room. As with faux wood blinds, the slats will help you regulate need levels of light and privacy, as well room temperature.

Most importantly, in this day and age, we are committed to sustainability in our work and our window treatment products. We always rely on sustainably sourced materials. Our wood is obtained with responsible forest management – respecting ecosystems, cultures, and economies.

Ready to Discuss Your Window Treatment Needs?

Our professional blinds installation process will provide your home with a lightweight design. Either real wood or wood-look blinds are an excellent option for anyone looking to add a touch of contemporary style to their home. Pick from a variety of colors to perfectly match your wall color and light fixtures. Other options we offer include woven wooden shades, in-window shutters (also available in faux wood and real wood), and other custom window treatments. Ask us about any of these great options.

When you’re ready to polish off your windows with just the right window treatments, reach out to the Veteran Blinds team. We offer the most professional blinds installation services in the Indianapolis area.

Understanding Wood Blinds. Real Wood and Faux Wood Options.


Are You Thinking of Real Wood?

What are the pros and cons of real wood blinds?


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Natural beauty and elegance
  • Good insulation properties
  • Can be refinished or painted to change the look


  • More expensive than faux wood blinds
  • More difficult to care for and maintain
  • Can be susceptible to moisture and warping


Or Are You Ready for Faux Wood?

What are the pros and cons of faux wood blinds?


  • More affordable than real wood blinds
  • Easier to care for and maintain
  • Resistant to moisture and warping
  • Good variety of colors and styles to choose from


  • Not as durable or long-lasting as real wood blinds
  • May not have the same natural beauty and elegance as real wood blinds
  • Can be more difficult to refinish or paint
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better real wood or faux wood blinds?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best type of blind for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences. However, in general, real wood blinds are considered to be more durable and long-lasting than faux wood blinds. They are also more expensive, but they may be worth the investment if you are looking for a high-quality blind that will last for many years.

Faux wood blinds are a more affordable option, and they are also easier to care for and maintain. They are also more resistant to moisture and warping, making them a good choice for humid areas.

View our gallery of window treatments to get a better sense of which blinds fit your style needs.

Which is more durable? Real or faux wood blinds?

Real wood blinds are generally more durable than faux wood blinds. However, both types of blinds can be durable if they are properly cared for and maintained.

Where can I check to see some sample window blinds?

See our gallery of window treatments  to have glimpse of how our window blinds, shutters, shades and draperies can make a difference in your home or work space.

Do you provide custom window treatments or is it one- size fits all?

We provide tailored window treatments of the highest quality- including blinds, shades, shutters, and draperies in Whitestown. We start the process by gathering your window measurements and your preferences. This way our window treatments are custom made for your windows. Some of our products can even be installed as soon as within one to two weeks.

Can I use your blinds in the bathroom?

Yes, you can use our waterproof faux window blinds. They are resistant to moisture and work great in areas like the bathroom.

Do you have professionals to install the window shades?

Yes, we have professionals to perform installation using high quality brackets and other hardware. Our installers are very well trained, efficient, and very respectful of your home or work place.

What Our Customers Say

C Sibbs
C Sibbs
A job well done . Would highly recommended!! We were working on a tight budget . But so worth every dollar. . Much much more less expensive than other big stores I went to – couldn’t get a real quote from the big chain stores because they charge for coming out to measure . Not with Veteran Blinds , it was free as well as no hidden costs ! Installation was free as well !!! Let’s not forget the AMAZING TEAM !!! Best customer service !! I highly recommend Veteran Blinds and Drapery .
Suchita Undare
Suchita Undare
Very nice service and reasonable cost. Terri was extremely helpful and prompt. I highly recommend them.Thank you.
Abigale Hall
Abigale Hall
I loved how smooth and personable the entire experience was. Let alone how great the blinds look and flow with the blinds in the rest of our home! Overall, fantastic experience!
Sarah Coffman-Bruce
Sarah Coffman-Bruce
Ivan and his crew are highly professional and gave us the best quality blinds! Since we have a new baby, I didn’t want blinds that could hurt the baby if he was climbing on them and he was very knowledgeable about the type of blinds and safety of each. He also knew we were budgeting and gave us all the selections of blinds at all his costs. This company is the local “mom and pop” blinds that I highly recommend!
Mike Maleto
Mike Maleto
Had a great experience – great selection and installation was thorough and excellent!
Jonathan Norton
Jonathan Norton
Update: Veteran Blinds took care of us well in our previous home, which is why we called them when we moved to our new home.
Had a great experience with Veteran Blinds. Ivan, the owner, personally went to quote our new home. He was professional and got to know what style and quality we were looking for to match our budget. They offer the same quality brands as their competitors however they came back much less than the others. Also, being a veteran myself I really appreciate the fact that this company goes out of their way to hire veterans. When it came to install day, Mark called me that morning and was able to schedule something same day. He and Steve are great guys and did great work. Really happy with our new blinds and I highly recommend them to anyone!
Ashley Armstrong
Ashley Armstrong
We have three, very large windows and a half-moon window in our Master Bedroom that we were getting a quote on for shades/ blinds. When my husband called them, the guy basically told us that our project is too small for them and it wasn’t worth their time. I have to say that I’m a little disappointed that a business is turning down potential customers and potentially larger jobs (if we liked the outcome of this project, of doing our entire house later)! We definitely will not be calling for service or recommending to anyone.
Hussein Maryam
Hussein Maryam
I really enjoyed the quality of the products and service. Awesome service!
Sandy Louise
Sandy Louise
Awesome customer service and quality work! I love my window blinds. The installation guy was very friendly, he uninstalled my old ones before installing it, and didn’t ask for extra fee.

Whether Real or Faux. We have wood blinds for all budgets 

After 10 years in business, we know what it takes to deliver quality window treatments and exceptional service at an affordable price. If you’re looking for the very best, look no further than Veteran Blinds.

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